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Real Flame

VioFlame fireplaces burn cleanly and efficiently by utilising Bioethanol,
(Denatured Alcohol), a renewable and and clean burning fuel.

With Bioethanol, there’s no mess and no fuss, just beautiful warmth and ambience.


woman reading book by fire

Real Heat

VioFlame fireplaces not only look like a real fire, they also provide real
warmth... enough to heat an average size room.

Create both ambience
and warmth in a room within minutes, perfect for entertaining guests
or just spending some time alone.

vioflame badge

Real Style

VioFlame occasional fireplaces offer a beautiful flame picture set within a stunning frame, the perfect starting point for any room makeover.

VioFlame fireplaces are designed to complement any decor and will
be right at home in any setting.

young couple by fire

Real Simple

No other heating system is as versatile and simple. VioFlame fireplaces are easy to install and even easier to use.

There’s no better way to
heat a room than with a VioFlame occasional fireplace!

Image Gallery

vfc2000c in hallway
vfc2000r  in dining room
vfc2000r in loungeroom
vfc2000r in living room
vfc2000f in dining room
vfr210bco in outdoor entertainment room