BSSSECB - Electric Convection Barbecue

Decorative Block

Twin Element, Stainless Steel, Electric Convection Barbecue with 30 minute auto-off timer.

Imagine the taste and aroma of barbecue steaks, grilled to perfection 'on the grill' and without the hassle.

Black and Stone Electric Barbecues are stylish, simple, easy to use and, great for barbecuing indoors or on the patio, anytime of the year.

Perfect where space is limited, this compact barbecue will be right at home in your kitchen, patio or table top.

This model features full stainless steel construction and a 30 minute auto off timer.

stainless steel barbecue fascia
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barecue on balcony

Stainless Steel

The BSSSECB Electric Convection Barbecue is constructed from Stainless steel and features a 30 min auto off timer.

salad, chips and sauce

Real Barbecue Taste

The Electric Convection Barbecue is a practical alternative to gas and solid fuel barbecues, without sacrificing that real barbecue flavour.

electric barbecue on porch

240 Volt Plug In Convenience

With an electric barbecue, you'll never run out of gas again! - just plug in and you’ll be barbecuing in minutes.

The Electric Convection Barbecue plugs into any standard 240 volt power outlet.

middle aged couple preparing a meal

Great For Extra Cooking Capacity

More than just a barbecue.. Great for use as additional cooking capacity for parties and gatherings.

Keep food warm while preparing etc.. You can even use it to warm plates.

Features & Specs

Stainless steel construction

Made from 304 grade stainless steel, this barbie is tough.. and looks good too.

30 minute auto off timer

An exclusive feature on this model only, the 30 minute auto off timer sounds an alarm and turns of the barbecue automatically.

Twin Cooking Elements

Two high heat output, independently controlled cooking elements provide generous, even heat to the cooking surfaces. The elements are positioned close to the cooking surfaces so maximum heat is directed to the cooktops.

Precise Control

The controls offer a precision feel and great response.

Insulating feet – Table Top Design

This design feature means these electric barbecues can be safely placed on a table or kitchen benchtop. The feet allow air movement underneath the barbecue which results in low underbody temperatures.

Removable Stainless Steel Cooktops

Both models feature a removable stainless steel grill and sear plate. Stainless Steel cooking surfaces are clean, hygienic, easy to use and easy to maintain.

Roasting Hood

The roasting hood helps contain the heat within the cooking space. This results in even cooking heat around the food as well as faster cooking times.

Built In Thermometer

The roasting hood features a built in thermometer that displays the temperature in both Celsius and Fahrenheit. The thermometer is designed to be a visual guide to the temperature within the cooking space when the roasting hood is closed. The thermometer is a practical feature that helps you achieve consistent cooking results.

Removable Stainless Steel Grease Tray

The grease tray on both models is constructed from stainless steel. The tray is designed to catch anything from the cooking surfaces. When it’s time to clean, just empty out the tray, wipe over and you are ready for next barbecue.

Heat Sensor Temperature Regulator

A thermostatic temperature sensor that regulates and maintains the heat output at the desired level. Once the desired heat level is reached, the temperature sensor will cycle through an on/off state to maintain the temperature within the barbecue. This feature is designed to work with the roasting hood closed (like an oven).

Power Indicator Lights

The indicator lights are a positive visual reference that power is being supplied to each element.

1.8 Metre Removable Power Cord

Connects to any standard 10amp power outlet.

Black and Stone Electric Convection Barbecues are designed for use in covered areas only.


stainless steel barbecue on stand
Specifications BSSSBECB (Stainless Steel)
Due to ongoing product research and development, Black and Stone reserves the right to change product specifications at any time without notice.
Construction and Finish   304
Stainless Steel
Table top design with insulating feet   Yes
Independently controlled twin elements   Yes
Heat sensor temperature regulator   Yes
Precision feel controls   Yes
30 min auto shut off timer   Yes
Power indicator lights   Yes
Removable cooktops   Stainless Steel
Removable grease retainer tray   Stainless Steel
Built in precision thermometer   Yes
Easy lift hood handle   Yes
User instruction manual   Yes
1.8 metre (6’) removable power cord   Yes
Australia/ Europe: 240 Volt   Yes
12 month warranty   Yes
Weight (kgs / lbs)   19kgs / 42lbs
Cooktop dimensions
(combined) mm / inches
  47.5cm x 33.5cm 18.7" x 13.18"
Cooking area cm / inches   1590cm2 / 247"2
  Height (hood open)   550mm 21.65"
  Height (hood closed)   245mm 9.65"
  Width   520mm 20.47"
  Depth   485mm 19.09"
Rear clearance
with hood open
  50mm 2.5"
Recommendedoperating clearance (to all sides)   100mm 4"


BSEBFS - Folding Stand with Side Shelves

This portable fold up stand is the perfect companion for the Electric Convection Barbecue. Lightweight and strong this stand is easy to store away - taking up less storage space than an ironing board!

  • Satin black finish
  • Heavy duty steel construction
  • Includes 2 x Stainless Steel Side Shelves
  • Center locking arm
  • Compact fold up design
  • Folds away for easy storage
  • Rubber feet for sturdy grip



Stand only, BBQ not included


black electric barbecue on stand

Folding stand with side shelves. (Shown with Stainless Steel Electric Convection Barbecue)
BBQ Not included with stand

stainless steel side shelves

BSECBFS - Side Shelves (Pair)

A pair of stainless steel side shelves designed for use with your electric convection babrecue. Great for keeping condiments handy while cooking or to keep your barbecue tools off the bench.

  • Made from 304 grade stainless steel
  • Clip into the sides of the electric barbecue
  • Light-weight
  • Easy to clean - diswasher safe

Note: If you purchase the folding stand, the side sheves are incuded in the pack.



small stainless steel grill

BSECB-12 - Small Grill

The small grill is a great accessory if you want extra grilling capacity on your electric barbecue.

To fit, simply pull out the remove the solid plate and replace it with the grill.

  • Made from 304 grade stainless steel
  • Light-weight
  • Easy to clean, diswasher safe



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